20 Problems Only IB students Understand

1. You always know where the closest bathroom is.

2. Because being stuck somewhere without a bathroom is actually your worst nightmare.

3. But then again, so are port-a-potties.

4. You carry Pepto-Bismol around with you at all times.

5. You’ve been to see a gastroenterologist more times than you’d like to admit.

6. Your stomach has its own tribal mating call.

7. You know the struggle of wanting to eat something, but knowing if you do your insides will explode.

8. And part of you feels like crying when you see a long waiting line for the bathroom.

9. You had to get a colonoscopy/endoscopy before you were 40.

10. Anything fried or spicy is your enemy.

11. You can only drink coffee if you know there’s a bathroom within 5 feet of you.

12. And you have to be really careful what you eat on dates.

13. You get a lot of work done on the toilet.

14. You’re often bloated to the point of looking pregnant.

You're often bloated to the point of looking pregnant.
Lara Parker for BuzzFeed
And it’s cool because you didn’t wanna wear jeans anyway!! JK.

15. And you know the dilemma of eating one meal, not getting sick, then eating it again and instantly dying.

16. When you try to explain it, people will ask, “Oh, so you poop a lot?”